January 18, 2017

ice :: ring

it's the middle of winter and it is cold. i love it and enjoy each moment. even my ice-ring finally froze all the way through. it took about two nights of deep freeze outside in the low twenties. but today i could take the ice out of the form and am rather pleased with the result.

thea had an other problem, of course she want's to ride her bike, what ever it takes, no matter how cold or how icy it is. and as one can imagine, her chain is turning orange and red from corrosion. there had something to be done. joel looked after it and oiled it well. and of course, she will be out and about again tomorrow morning. it's ok, i can hold on and not refuse her to go to school by bike. she definitely is learning the skill of riding in snow and on slippery streets...

the mama is sitting down for a moment and praying for the accident not to happen, each morning, a quarter to eight, i need a moment of silence and crying out to God for protection. not just for thea, but the boys too, they are out and about with their bikes in any kind of weather. we do not have any snow emergency in switzerland, we just brace the weather and keep going...

January 17, 2017

o those painted rocks

this one is pulled out from the old year. i do like it though and it has become a bit of a lead into this newly started year. as i painted for many hours to decorate the lunch tables on my mother in laws 70th birthday party. it was definitely a labor of love and it turned out to be liked and enjoyed by her and all her guests.

so much to "gifting" with love to create joy. of course i was very glad i had helpers and i will take it not for granted to call those helping hands, my kids.

today i spent in school, for today and the next three tuesdays i'm taking a class in child development. of course much of is it not new, but good to hear again. and it is a class with lots of practical applications being exchanged and shared. it is part of the degree i'm working on in religious education. and i do enjoy it, lectures and some people i get to know, taking those classes alongside. well it's also a bit challenging, as i have to write little papers for each class, or some other kind of proof, that i was participating and studying... i guess it's good to be back in school, not much, but enough to get my brains stimulated and working again in a way that is really good.

so, let's paint some rocks again and think and ponder all those maslow, mary ainsworth, and more peoples ideas and ideologies. and i do keep enjoying the looks of my painted rocks...

January 16, 2017

sunday afternoon is for sledding

we spent sunday afternoon in the snow, on a cool hill, with our cousins. the bright fluffy white pulled all of us out into the weather. it was not too sunny, at least not while we were out... though it was wonderful, not too cool, but rather enjoyable. thea had the idea to call her cousin and we all ended up going.
a short train ride, a little walk and out there in the hill country we were.

 once again i would rather have stayed put, indoors with a cup of tea and a good book. but that's what kids are good at, they want to do and to enjoy and all of it is even better if it's white outside. so thea got us all going, including me, and we all enjoyed it. i really liked it a lot and even went over the jump a few times, with the sled, that is not something i usually, but it itched and so i did, to the astonishment of our oldest son...